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  Experience the Joy of learning

The Joule School  

Elementary school is the time when students' lifetime attitudes towards learning and school are developed. A great experience - one where they learn math through cooking, history through role-play, and science through guided daily experiments - is essential. At The Joule School, we believe that learning should be fun! During the elementary years, students press olives, raise silkworms, and dye wool as part of their history study, and build Galilean telescopes in science. Our lessons are rich, interdisciplinary, and are taught through physical games, art, building, acting, and experimenting.   

Our ability-based curriculum also means that students can skip through assignments they have already mastered, eliminating busywork and boredom. Students are placed in small groups for instruction in mathematics and language arts, so that they receive an education at their individual level. We are able to accommodate students who are working at a middle or high school level in these subjects, while maintaining a rich and hands-on classroom experience. We believe that it is perfectly normal for students to be stronger in one area than another, and we place kids in the class that is right for them!

Program Snapshot

The Joule School admits students ages 6-12 for elementary classes. Classes run from 8:30 - 4:00 Monday through Friday, and include gardening, cooking, touch typing, and a choice of foreign language.  

Our school uses a Montessori-style Independent Work period where students complete assignments, such as math and spelling practice, at school. This means that students are not expected to have homework.