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  Experience the Joy of learning

The Joule School  

Extracurricular Activities

We take a quarterly field trip that is related to our core 

curriculum. While studying India, students were taken to a 

Buddhist temple and taught to meditate!

Our academy has an international focus, and offers multiple foreign languages to prepare students for their future in a global society. All students are able to select a foreign language in first grade, and continue with daily instruction through 8th grade. We also teach Latin combined with science in middle school to help students with their English language development.

We also offer private and semi-private piano lessons, art, yoga, and dance. Our goal is to develop the whole child. Each student in first grade or older has their own garden plot at the school, where they grow vegetables and other plants, while the primary students share a community garden. We teach cooking as part of our History curriculum, so that students learn about the different traditional foods enjoyed throughout the world. History classes also include handicrafts like pottery, knitting, sewing, and woodworking.

Students are also taught life skills. In elementary, students learn how to manage basic tasks like cleaning floors and washing dishes. In the middle grades, students learn budgeting and entreprenuership, public speaking, and simple home repairs. In high school, we have classes on taxation and voting, and will be opening a student-run cafe to help them experience small business management.